Figure 129

Effects of pretransplantation hepatitis C virus (HCV) serology results on survival of the graft (A) and patient (B). Numbers above (anti-HCV negative) and below (anti-HCV positive) survival curves indicate the number of patients at risk during that time interval. The relative risk after transplantation associated with the patient testing positive for HCV antibodies before transplantation also is shown, along with 95% confidence intervals. Although no statistically significant effect of HCV on graft survival was seen, patient survival was significantly diminished among those who tested positive for HCV after transplantation. Not all investigators have confirmed these findings. (From Periera and coworkers [4]; with permission.)

Evaluation of effects of smoking in recipients

Dyspnea on exertion or smoking history?

Evaluation of effects of smoking in recipients

Wait until adequate resolution with therapy


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