Figure 1413

Determining "best fit." The kidney graft is placed in the wound and the renal vessels stretched to the recipient vessels to determine the best sites for the arterial and venous anastomoses.

FIGURE 14-12 (see Color Plate)

Exposure of the right iliac fossa. The contents of the iliac fossa are exposed by incising the skin, subcutaneous tissues, anterior rectus sheath, external and internal oblique muscles, and the transversalis muscle and fascia. The inferior epigastric artery is divided between ligatures, the spermatic cord is preserved (in women, the round ligament is divided between ligatures), and the rectus muscle and peritoneum are retracted medially. This exposes the genitofemoral nerve (white umbilical tape), the external iliac vein (blue tape), and the external and internal iliac arteries (red tapes).

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