Figure 1429

Detection of peroxynitrite production and lipid peroxidation in ischemic acute renal failure. A, Formation of nitrotyrosine as an indicator of ONOO- production. Interactions between reactive oxygen species such as the hydroxyl radical results in injury to the ribose-phosphate backbone of DNA. This results in single-and double-strand breaks. ROS can also cause modification and deletion of individual bases within the DNA molecule. Interaction between reactive oxygen and nitrogen species results in injury to the ribose-phosphate backbone of DNA, nuclear DNA fragmentation (single- and double-strand breaks) and activation of poly-(ADP)-ribose synthase. B, Immunohistochemical staining of kidneys with antibodies to nitrotyrosine. C, Western blot analysis of nitrotyrosine. D, Reactions describing lipid peroxidation and formation of hemiacetal products. The interaction of oxygen radicals with lipid bilayers leads to the removal of hydrogen atoms from the unsaturated fatty acids bound to phospholipid. This



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