Figure 143

GUIDELINES FOR THE TREATMENT OF Guidelines for the treatment of symptomatic hypernatremia.

SYMPTOMATIC HYPERNATREMIA* Patients with severe symptomatic hypernatremia are at high risk of dying and should be treated aggressively. An initial step is estimating the total body free water deficit, based on the weight (in kilograms) and the serum sodium. During correction of the water deficit, it is important to perform serial neurologic examinations.

Correct at a rate of 2 mmol/L/h

Replace half of the calculated water deficit over the first 12-24 hrs

Replace the remaining deficit over the next 24-36 hrs

Perform serial neurologic examinations (prescribed rate of correction can be decreased as symptoms improve) Measure serum and urine electrolytes every 1-2 hrs

*If UNa+ U k is less than the concentration of P^, then water loss is ongoing and needs to be replaced.

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