Figure 1622

Signalling pathway of hepatocyte growth factor action. Diagram of the proposed intracellular signaling pathway involved in hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)-mediated tubulogenesis. Although HGF is perhaps the best-characterized of the growth factors involved in epithelial cell-branching tubulogenesis, very little of its mechanism of action is understood. However, recent evidence has shown that the HGF receptor (c-Met) is associated with Gab-1, a docking protein believed to be involved in signal transduction [96]. Thus, on binding to c-Met, HGF activates Gab-1-mediated signal transduction, which, by an unknown mechanism, affects changes in cell shape and cell movement or cell-cell-cell-matrix interactions. Ultimately, these alterations lead to epithelial cell-branching tubulogenesis.

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