Figure 1716

Serial serum creatinine values in rats with ischemic acute renal failure (ARF) treated with insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) or vehicle. This is the original animal experiment that demonstrated a benefit from IGF-I in the setting of ARF. In this study, IGF-I was administered beginning 30 minutes after the ischemic insult (arrow). Data are expressed as mean ± standard error. Significant differences between groups are indicated by asterisks.

This experiment has been reproduced, with variations, by several groups, with similar findings. IGF-I has now been demonstrated to be beneficial when administered prophylactically before an ischemic injury and when started as late as 24 hours after reperfusion when injury is established. It has also been reported to improve outcomes for a variety of toxic injuries and is beneficial in a model of renal transplantation with delayed graft function and in cyclosporine-induced acute renal insufficiency. (From Miller et al. [2]; with permission.)

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