Figure 1720

Incidence of postoperative renal dysfunction treated with insulin (IGF-I) or placebo. IGF-I significantly reduced the incidence of postoperative renal dysfunction in these high-risk patients. Renal dysfunction occurred in 33% of those who received placebo but in only 22% of patients treated with IGF-I. The groups were well-matched with respect to age, sex, type of operation, ischemia time, and baseline renal function as defined by serum creatinine or glomerular filtration rate. The IGF-I was tolerated well: no side effects were attributed to the drug. Secondary end-points such as discharge, serum creatinine, length of hospitalization, length of stay in the intensive care unit, or duration of intubation were not significantly different between the two groups. (Adapted from Franklin, et al. [3]; with permission.)

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