Figure 1827

Impact of endocrine-metabolic interventions on renal function and course of acute renal failure (ARF). Various other endocrine-metabolic interventions (eg, thyroxine, human growth hormone [HGH], epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factor 1 [IGF-1]) have been shown to accelerate regeneration after experimental ARF [51]. In a rat model of postischemic ARF, treatment with IGF-1 starting 5 hours after induction of ARF accelerates recovery from ischemic ARF, A, but also reduces the increase in BUN and improves nitrogen balance, B, [58]. (open circles) ARF plus vehicle; (black circles, sham-operated rats plus vehicle; open squares, ARF plus rhIGF-I; black squares, sham operated rats plus rhIGF-I.) Unfortunately, efficacy of these interventions was not uniformly confirmed in clinical studies [59, 60]. (From Ding et al. [58]; with permission.)

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