Figure 211

A, Sympathetic neural activation in chronic renal disease. Adrenergic activity is disturbed in chronic renal failure and may participate in the development of hypertension. Microneurographic studies in patients undergoing hemodialysis demonstrate enhanced neural traffic (panel A) that relates closely to peripheral vascular tone [6]. Studies in patients in whom native kidneys are removed by nephrectomy demonstrate normal levels of neural traffic, suggesting that afferent stimuli from the kidney modulate central adrenergic outflow. B, Delayed onset hypertension in denervated rats. Panel B shows evidence from experimental studies in denervated animals subjected to deoxycortico-sterone-salt hypertension. The role of the renal nerves in modifying the development of hypertension is supported by studies of renal denervation that show a delayed onset of hypertension, although no alteration in the final level of blood pressure was achieved. NS—not significant. (Panel A from Converse and coworkers [6]; with permission. Panel B from Katholi and coworkers [7]; with permission.)

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