Figure 228

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition in nondiabetic renal disease. A and B, Shown here are serum creatinine levels from the 12-month (panel A) and 36-month (panel B) cohorts followed in the benazepril trial. In this trial, 583 patients were randomized to therapy with or without benazepril [28]. Slight reductions in the rates of increase in creatinine and of stop points in the ACE inhibitor group occurred; however, these reductions were modest. Whereas these data support a role for ACE inhibition, the results are considerably less convincing than are those for diabetic nephropathy. These results argue that some groups may not experience major benefit from ACE inhibition over the short term. Preliminary reports from recent studies limited to patients with proteinuria suggest that rates of progression were substantially reduced by treatment with ramipril [29]. (From Maschio and coworkers [28]; with permission.)

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