Figure 326

Mild stenosis (less than 50%) due to atherosclerotic disease of the left main renal artery (panel A) that has progressed to high-grade (75% to 99%) stenosis on a later arteriogram (panel B). Underlying the concept of renal revascularization for preservation of renal function is the notion that atherosclerotic renal artery disease (ASO-RAD) is a progressive disorder. The sequential angiograms in Figures 3-26 and 3-27 show angiographic progression of ASO-RAD over time. In patients demonstrating progressive renal artery stenosis by serial angiography, a decrease in kidney function as measured by serum creatinine and a decrease in ipsilateral kidney size correlate significantly with progressive occlusive disease. Patients demonstrating more than 75% stenosis of a renal artery are at highest risk for progression to complete occlusion. (From Novick [15]; with permission.)

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