Figure 336

Renal biopsy demonstrating severe arteriolar nephrosclerosis. Arteriolar nephrosclerosis is intimately associated with hypertension. The histology of the kidney in arteriolar nephrosclerosis shows considerable variation in intensity and extent of the arteriolar lesions. Thickening of the vessel wall, edema of the smooth muscle cells, hypertrophy of the smooth muscle cells, and hyaline degeneration of the vessel wall may be apparent depending on the severity of the nephrosclerosis. In addition to the vascular lesions of arteriolar nephrosclerosis there are abnormalities of glomeruli, tubules, and interstitial areas that are believed to be secondary to the ischemia that results from arteriolar insufficiency. Arteriolar nephrosclerosis is observed in patients with longstanding hypertension; the more severe the hypertension, the more severe the arteriolar nephrosclerosis. Arteriolar nephrosclerosis may also be seen in elderly normotensive individuals and is frequently observed in elderly patients with generalized atherosclerosis or essential hypertension.

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