Figure 37

Arteriogram and schematic diagram of intimal fibroplasia. A, Selective right renal arteriogram demonstrating a localized, highly stenotic, smooth lesion involving the distal renal artery, from intimal fibroplasia. B, Schematic diagram of intimal fibroplasia.

Intimal fibroplasia occurs primarily in children and adolescents and angiographi-cally gives the appearance of a localized, highly stenotic, smooth lesion, with poststenotic dilatation. It may occur in the proximal portion of the renal artery as well as in the mid and distal portions of the renal artery, is progressive, and is occasionally associated with dissection or renal infarction. Pathologically, idiopathic intimal fibro-plasia is due to a proliferation of the intimal lining of the arterial wall. Intimal fibroplasia of the renal artery may also occur as an event secondary to atherosclerosis or as a reactive intimal fibroplasia consequent to an inciting event such as prior endarterectomy or balloon angioplasty. (Panel A from Pohl [1]; with permission.)

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