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Adrenal Cushing's syndrome. Adrenal Cushing's syndrome typically is caused by a solitary adrenal adenoma (rarely by carcinoma) producing excessive amounts of cortisol autonomously. The increased levels of cortisol feed back to suppress release of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and corticotropin-releasing factor. The finding of very low ACTH levels in the face of elevated cortisol values and a loss of the circadian pattern of cortisol confirm the diagnosis (see Fig. 4-4). Additional anatomic studies of the adrenal (computed tomographic scan and magnetic resonance imaging) usually disclose the source of excessive cortisol production. Surgical removal usually is effective.

Cushing's syndrome: ectopic etiology



iCTH Cortisol

iCTH Cortisol

(zona fasciculata zona reticularis)

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