Figure 48

STANDARDIZED 4-HOUR PERITONEAL EQUILIBRATION TEST Standardized 4-hour peritoneal equilibration test. Dt/D0 glucose—final to initial

- dialysate glucose ratio.

1. Perform an overnight 8- to 12-h preexchange.

2. Drain the overnight exchange (drain time not to exceed 25 min) with patient in the upright position.

3. Infuse 2 L of dialysis solution over 10 min with patient in the supine position. Roll the patient from side to side after every 400-mL infusion.

4. After the completion of infusion (0 time) and at 120 min, drain 200 mL of dialysate. Take a 10-mL sample, and reinfuse the remaining 190 mL into the peritoneal cavity.

5. Position the patient upright, and allow patient ambulation if able.

6. Obtain a serum sample at 120 min.

7. At the end of study (240 min), drain the dialysate with the patient in the upright position (drain time not to exceed 20 min).

8. Measure the drained volume, and take a 10-mL sample from the drained volume after a good mixing.

9. Analyze the blood and dialysate samples for creatinine and glucose concentrations.

10. Correct the serum and dialysate creatinine concentrations for high glucose level (correction factor 0.000531415).

11. Calculate the dialysate to plasma ratios for creatinine, and so on, and calculate the Dt/D0 glucose.

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