Figure 521

Stent deployment. When angioplasty fails, metal stents are introduced to treat outflow vein occlusion. These stents are either balloon expandable or self-expanding. The stages of deployment of the self-expanding Wallstent (Schneider, Inc, Division of Pfizer Hospital Products, Minneapolis, MN) are seen in these radiographs. A, The radiopaque stent is positioned across the lesion to be treated. B, As the deployment envelope is gradually withdrawn, the stent begins to expand (arrow). These stents shorten during deployment, and this factor must be taken into consideration for proper placement. C, An angioplasty balloon (arrow) is placed in the proximal portion of this completely deployed stent to achieve further expansion.

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FIGURE 5-21 (Continued)

D, To improve central vein patency following angioplasty, metal stents have been placed in the innominate vein and the superior vena cava. E, A postprocedure venogram demonstrates no residual stenosis.

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