Figure 68

Scanning electron micrographs of vascular casts of glomeruli from normal or uni-nephrectomized rats. A, A glomerulus from a rat having had a sham operation, showing a uniform capillary pattern. (Panels B-D display casts from uninephrectomized rats.) B, A uniform pattern with most capillaries being approximately the same size. C and D, Nonuniform patterns in which individual capillary loops (indicated by asterisks) are markedly dilated. In dilated capillary loops, wall tension is elevated and capillary wall damage is most likely to occur. The segmental nature of the capillary dilation may explain why glomerular sclerosis that eventually develops in remnant kidneys is also focal in early stages of the disease process. (Panels A-D X=320.) (From Nagata and coworkers [9]; with permission.)

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