Figure 712

Patterns of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection after transplantation of a kidney from a positive donor into a positive recipient. In a simple but important study, Widell and colleagues [98] demonstrated three differing virologic patterns of HCV infection emerging after kidney transplantation from a donor infected with HCV into a recipient infected with HCV. Superinfection with the donor strain, persistence of the recipient strain, or long-term co-infection with both the donor and recipient strain may result. The clinical significance of infection with more than one HCV strain has not been determined in the transplantation recipient with immunosuppression, although no data exist to suggest that co-infection confers a worse outcome. For this reason, many centers will transplant a kidney from a donor who was infected with HCV into a recipient infected with HCV rather than discard the organ. (Data from Widell and colleagues [98]; with permission.)


Anti-hepatitis C virus infection

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