Figure 739

Acute prostatitis as visualized sonographically. Acute prostatitis is common after urethral or bladder infection (usually by Escherichia coli or Proteus organisms). Another cause is prostate hematogenous contamination, especially by Staphylococcus. Signs and symptoms of acute prostatitis, in addition to fever, chills, and more generally the signs and symptoms of tissue invasion by infection described above, are accompanied by dysuria, pelvic pain, and septic urine. Acute prostatitis is an indication for direct ultrasound (US) examination of the prostate by endorectal probe. In this case of acute prostatitis in a young male, US examination disclosed a prostatic abscess (1) complicating acute prostatitis in the right lobe (2). Acute prostatitis is an indication for thorough radiologic imaging of the whole urinary tract, giving special attention to the urethra. Urethral stricture may favor prostate infection (see Fig. 7-20).

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