Figure 819

Acute renal failure: initial hospital location and mortality. A, Initial departmental location of ARF patients in a hospital in a Western country. The majority of the cases initially were seen in medical, surgical, and intensive care units (ICUs). The cases initially treated in nephrology departments were community acquired, whereas the ARF patients in the other settings generally acquired ARF in those settings. Obstetric-gynecologic ARF cases have almost disappeared. ARF of traumatic origin is also rare, for two reasons: 1) polytrauma patients are now treated in the ICU and 2) early and effective treatments applied today to trauma patients at the accident scene, and quick transfer to hospital, have decreased this cause of ARF. B, Mortality was greater for patients initially treated in the ICU and lower in the nephrology setting than rates observed in other departments. These figures were obtained from 748 ARF patients admitted to 13 different adult hospitals. (Data from Liano et al. [1].)

Investigator, Year

Acute Renal Failure in Hospitalized Patients (per 1000 admissions)

Hou et al., 1983*

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