Figure 820

Living donor kidney transplantation graft survival rates (A) and donor sources (B). The high graft survival rates reported for recipients of living donor kidneys improved from 89% in 1988 to 93% in 1991 (P < 0.001), even though a substantial increase has occurred in both the number of living donors and centers performing these transplantations. Some of the increase in living donations has been due to a growing acceptance of so-called unconventional donors, ie, spouses and other genetically unrelated donors, as well as distant relatives and half-siblings. In 1988-1989, unrelated donors accounted for 4% of living donor transplantations and distant relatives for 2%. These numbers have tripled and are now at 12% and 6%, respectively. (Panel A from Cecka [8]; panel B adapted from the United Network for Organ Sharing [9]; with permission.)

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