Figure 915

Morphologic pattern of lobular glomerulonephritis. This pattern is present in 20% of cases, characterized by intense mesangial proliferation and peripheral mesangial matrix expansion associated with centrolobular sclerosis. This histologic picture is indistinguishable from that of idiopathic membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type I, except for the presence of some degree of monocyte infiltration. (Trichrome X 250.)

The glomerulus showing only mild mesangial proliferation and mesangial matrix expansion. Thickening of the glomerular basement membrane is not evident. This picture frequently is present in cases clinically characterized only by mild urinary abnormalities (inactive phase). Moreover, in many cases in which a biopsy is taken during the acute phase of the disease with typical membranoprolif-erative patterns with or without thrombi, a second renal biopsy will show clear regression of the morphologically acute lesions with only mild mesangioproliferative alteration. (Trichrome X 250.)

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