(1.0-1.5 ^/dialysis therapy)

(1.5-2.0 N2/D)

(1.5-2.0 N2/D)

Nutrition support prescription:

Renal formulas with limited fluid, potas-

Standard TPN/enteral formulations.

Standard TPN/enteral formulations when 0.1-0.15%

TPN/enteral nutrition

sium, phosphorus, and magnesium

No fluid or electrolyte restrictions.

dextrose dialysate used Modified formulations when 1.5-2.5% dextrose dialysate used TPN: Low-dextrose solutions to prevent carbohydrate overfeeding; amino acid concentration may be increased to meet protein requirements. Enteral: Standard formulas. May require modular protein to meet protein requirements without carbohydrate overfeeding.

Reassessment of requirements and

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