Metabolic alkalosis

Tertiary hyperaldosteronism after treatment of malignant hypertension. The diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism must be made with caution in patients with a history of malignant hypertension. After successful treatment of malignant hypertension, plasma renin activity rapidly normalizes, whereas aldosterone secretion may remain elevated for up to a year. This phenomenon has been attributed to persistent adrenal hyperplasia induced by long-standing hyperreninemia during the malignant phase [10]. During this phase of tertiary hyperaldosteronism, despite suppressed renin activity, hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis, and aldosterone levels that are not suppressible, mimic primary hyperaldosteronism. Adrenal imaging studies reveal bilateral nodular adrenal hyperplasia. With continued long-term control of blood pressure this hyperaldostero-nism remits spontaneously.

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Blood Pressure Health

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