Other Conditions That Recur In Renal Allografts


Recurrence rate



Systemic sclerosis Fabry's disease

Immunotactoid glomerulopathy Mixed essential cryoglobulinemia Cystinosis

Rare recurrence of ceramide in the graft

50% 50% 0%

Usually graft failure Poor

Nephrotic syndrome



Differentiation from acute and chronic vascular rejection can be difficult Renal transplantation does not halt the progress of Fabry's disease because the new kidney is not an adequate source of a-galactosidase; patients have frequent systemic complications Nephrosis reported between 21 and 60 mo

Recurrence associated with extrarenal features including arthralgias and purpura Cystinosis does not recur; however, the allograft can become infiltrated by macrophages containing cysteine, with no pathologic or clinical effect

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