Two Case Histories Of Patients With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Associated With Glomerulosclerosis

41-year-old black Jamaican woman

October 1985: Viral syndrome. 135 lbs; proteinuria, 1+; serum creatinine, 0.5 mg/dL; blood pressure, 130/70 mm Hg December 1986: Fever, fatigue, cough. 120 lbs; proteinuria, 1+; interstitial pneumonia; serum creatinine, 1.5 mg/dL; ex-husband used intravenous drugs; 11-cm, echogenic kidneys February 1987: 3+ edema. 116 lbs; proteinura, 12.7 g/24 h; serum creatinine, 11.4 mg/dL; albumin, 2.5 g/dL; blood pressure, 150/86; renal biopsy showed focal segmental glomerulosclerosis May 1987:

100 lbs; patient died after 3 months of hemodialysis from sepsis and cryptococcal meningitis

28-year-old black Haitian man

A dockworker until 3 months before admission, when fevers began to occur. No identifiable risk factor. He presented with a blood pressure of 110/80 mm Hg, periorbital and trace ankle edema, interstitial pneumonia, and diffuse adenopathies. Serum creatinine increased from 5.3 to 9 mg/dL in 6 days; albumin, 1.6 g/dL; proteinuria, 6.9 g/24 h; 15-cm, echogenic kidneys. Renal biopsy showed focal segmental glomeru-losclerosis. Lymph node biopsy showed Mycobacterium gordonae. This patient returned to Haiti after six hemodialyses.

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