Cyclosporine Toxicity

FIGURE 10-16 (see Color Plate)

FIGURE 10-15

Cyclosporine nephrotoxicity with new-onset hyaline arteriolar thickening in the renin-producing portion of the afferent arteriole [5]. This lesion can be highly variable in extent and severity from section to section of the biopsy specimen, and it represents one of the strong arguments for examining multiple sections. The lesion is reversible if cyclosporine levels are reduced. Tacrolimus (FK506)

FIGURE 10-16 (see Color Plate)

Bland hyaline arteriolar thickening of donor origin in a renal allograft recipient never treated with cyclosporine. This phenomenon provides a strong argument for doing implantation biopsies; otherwise, donor changes can be mistaken for cyclosporine toxicity.

produces an identical picture.

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