Diagnosis Of Possible Acute Interstitial Nephritis As The Cause Of Acute Renal Failure

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Medication exposure


Abnormal urinalysis (white blood cells or cell casts,

Severe pyelonephritis


eosinophils, eosinophilic casts, low-grade proteinuria,

Systemic infection

Back or flank pain

sometimes hematuria)


Urinary diagnositc indices compatible with a renal cause

of renal failure (see Fig. 12-16)

Uptake on gallium or indium scan

Renal biopsy

FIGURE 12-20

Diagnosis of possible acute interstitial nephritis as the cause of acute renal failure (ARF). This figure outlines the historical, physical examination and other investigative methods that can lead to identification of acute interstitial nephritis as the cause of ARF [18].

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