Band Ligation

Ligation of hemorrhoids is a proved, simple, and inexpensive treatment method (Fig. 20.29).

Endoscopic Hemoclip

Fig. 20.24 Loading and deploying a hemo-clip (Olympus).

a The clip is hung on the applicator's extended hook. b Next the clip is drawn into the applicator sheath, thereby closing the clip. The applicator is then advanced through the working channel of the endoscope. c When the tip of the applicator is protruding from the endoscope the clip is advanced. The clip opens on leaving the applicator sheath. d The clip is then opened at the instrument handle. Preloaded disposable clip applicators are also available (images provided courtesy of Olympus).

- 0 20.2 Endoscopic hemoclip application

- 0 20.2 Endoscopic hemoclip application

Sygmoid Colon

b Visible vessel after washing off the clot. c

Blood clot at a polypectomy site in the ascending colon.

b Visible vessel after washing off the clot. c

The opened hemoclip (Olympus) is advanced to the polypectomy site.

d The opened hemoclip is gently placed on the visible vessel.

Sigmoid Colon Constipation
e The clip is closed on the visible vessel.
Anal Sphincter Defect

f The clip has been closed and is released from the applicator. The hemoclip seals the visible vessel at the polypectomy site.

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