How Large Is 5 Mm Polyp

Dormia Basket

d Instruments (left to right) for polyp retrieval: normal polypectomy snare, grasping forceps, four-pronged grasping forceps, dormia basket.

e Polyp trap device. The specimen bag is placed in the trap so that suctioned polyp fragments or small polyps remain hanging in the bag. The bag is cut open with scissors to retrieve the polyp fragments.

Polypectomy Retrieval Pouch

f Polyp retrieval net. The net is placed over the working channel of the instrument and the polyp or polyp pieces are caught in the net. The polyps are retrieved on withdrawing the instrument.

Polyp Retrieval Basket

g, h Endoloop (detachable nylon snare). The detachable snare is tightened after being placed on the polyp stalk, closed, and later falls off.

i Hemoclips for mechanical hemostasis.

Polyp Specimen Retrieval Traps
Fig. 18.1 Polyp sieve. By allowing stool to pass through a sieve, polyps or polyp pieces lost during endoscopic retrieval can be retrieved after examination.

Principles of polypectomy

► thorough inspection of the entire polyp (size, test depression against the bowel wall), possible changing of patient position,

► determine number of sessions (according to number and size of polyps),

► polypectomy and polyp retrieval from proximal to distal,

► histological evaluation of all polyp fragments,

► potentially remaining polyp pieces should be retrieved from fluid evacuated from the bowels using a polyp sieve (Fig. 18.1).

Polyp Colon Large

Fig. 18.2 a, b Resection of a diminutive polyp (< 5 mm) with grasping forceps.

Fig. 18.2 a, b Resection of a diminutive polyp (< 5 mm) with grasping forceps.

Fig. 18.3 a, b Polyp with prominent stalk. Positioning the polypectomy snare around the polyp stalk. The level of transection or coagulation of the stalk is closer to the polyp head than to the bowel wall.

Fig. 18.4 Polyp stalk treated with hemo-clips after rebleeding.

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