Benzalkonium Chloride Is Rentered Inactive In Presence Of

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I, n, and III

15. Which one of the following chemicals is NOT suitable as a drug excipient?

(A) methyl paraben

(B) starch

(C) glycerin

(D) benzocaine

(E) lactose

16. Which of the following chemicals may be included in a drug solution as a chelating agent?

(A) ascorbic acid

(B) hydroquinone

(C) edetate

(D) sodium bisulfite

(E) fluorescein sodium

17. Which of the following ions may be effectively chelated by EDTA?

I. sodium II. lithium IE. lead

(B) Hlonly

(D) Hand III only

18. Although most drugs in pharmaceutical dosage forms are expected to decompose following first-order kinetics, an exception are drugs formulated in

(A) capsules

(B) oral solutions

(C) oral suspensions

(D) tablets

(E) suppositories

19. An early sign of a decomposing epinephrine solution is the presence of a

(A) brown precipitate

(B) pink color

(C) white precipitate

(D) crystal

20. On exposure to air, aminophylline solutions may develop

(A) crystals of theophylline

(C) a precipitate of aminophylline

(D) a precipitate of ethylenediamine

(E) a straw color

21. The process of grinding a substance to a very fine powder is termed

(A) levigation

(B) sublimation

(C) trituration

(D) pulverization by intervention

(E) maceration

22. The term "impalpable" refers to a substance that is

(A) bad tasting

(B) not perceptible to the touch

(C) greasy

(D) nongreasy

(E) tasteless

23. Which one of the following general characteristics is NOT true for alkaloids?

(A) contain nitrogen in the molecule

(B) have good alcohol solubility

(D) often exhibit stereoisomerism

(E) have poor water solubility

24. The term "chiral" is related to a drug's

(A) chelating ability

(B) eutectic properties

(C) stereoisomerism

(D) partition coefficient

(E) water solubility

Questions: 15-33 63

25. Different crystalline forms (polymorphs) of the same drug exhibit different

I. metabolism rates II. melting points III. solubilities

26. Benzalkonium chloride is a germicidal surfactant that is rendered inactive in the presence of

(A) organic acids

(B) gram-negative organisms

(C) cationic surfactants

(E) inorganic salts

27. The shrinkage that occurs when alcohol and purified water are mixed is primarily due to

(A) attractive van der Waals forces

(B) covalent bonding

(C) hydrogen bonding

(D) ionic bonding

(E) temperature changes

28. An example of a nonionic surfactant would be

(A) ammonium laurate

(B) cetylpyridinium chloride

(C) dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate

(D) sorbitan monopalmitate

(E) triethanolamine stearate

29. According to the Poiseuille equation, the factor that has the relatively greatest influence on the rate of flow of liquid through a capillary tube is the

(A) length of the tube

(B) viscosity of the liquid

(C) pressure differential on the tube

(D) radius of the tube

(E) temperature of the liquid

30. Patients following low-sodium diets may resort to the use of sodium-free salt substitutes such as NoSalt. The major ingredient in these products is

(A) ammonium chloride

(B) calcium chloride

(C) potassium chloride

(D) potassium iodide

(E) none of these

31. Potassium supplements are administered in all of the following manners EXCEPT

(A) IV infusion

(D) effervescent tablets

(E) slow-release tablets, po

32. Which of the following statements concerning fluorouracil is NOT true?

(A) Its chemical structure is a modified pyrimidine similar to uracil and idoxuri-dine.

(B) It is effective only when administered by injection.

(C) Anorexia and nausea and vomiting are very common side effects.

(D) The drug interferes with the synthesis of ribonucleic acid.

(E) Leukopenia is a major clinical toxic effect.

33. The product inserts for many drug products contain cautionary statements. Which one of the following sequences lists the three types of cautions in the order of least serious to most serious?

(A) contraindication, precaution, warning

(B) precaution, warning, contraindication

(C) warning, contraindication, precaution

(D) warning, precaution, contraindication

(E) contraindication, warning, precaution

34. A comparison of individual amino acids present in commercial amino acids injection solutions may be found in

I. Facts and Comparisons II. Trissel's Handbook on Injectable Drugs III. Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences

35. The containers used to package drugs may consist of several components and /or be composed of several materials. The release of an ingredient from packaging components into the actual product is best described by the term

(A) adsorption

(B) absorption

(C) leaching

(D) permeation

(E) porosity

36. Hypodermic needle sizes are expressed by gauge numbers. The gauge number refers to the

(A) bevel size

(B) external diameter of the cannula

(C) internal diameter of the cannula

(D) length of the needle

(E) size of the lumen opening

37. "Winged" needles are most closely associated with which type of injections?

(A) intradermal

(B) intramuscular

(C) intrathecal

(D) intravenous

(E) subcutaneous

38. Insulin preparations are usually administered by

(A) intradermal injection

(B) intramuscular injection

(C) intravenous bolus

(D) intravenous infusion

(E) subcutaneous injection

39. Which one of the following needles is most suited for the administration of insulin solutions?

40. The term "venoclysis" is most closely associated with

(A) intravenous injections

(B) intrathecal injections

(C) intravenous infusions

(D) intrapleural withdrawals

(E) peritoneal dialysis

41. The designation "minibottles" refers to

(A) partially filled parenteral bottles with 50- to 150-mL volumes

(B) any parenteral bottle with a capacity of less than 1 L

(C) 10 to 30 mL glass vials

(D) prescription bottles with capacities of 4 oz or less

(E) vials with a capacity of less than 10 mL

42. The term "piggyback" is most commonly associated with

(A) intermittent therapy

(B) intrathecal injections

(C) intravenous bolus

(D) slow intravenous infusions

(E) total parenteral nutrition

43. Which of the following acronyms refer to parenteral nutrition?

Questions: 34-52 65

(D) Hand III only

44. What is the approximate maximum volume of fluid that should be administered daily by intravenous infusion to a stabilized patient?

45. Although isotonicity is desirable for almost all parenterals, it is particularly critical for

(A) intra-articular injections

(B) intradermal injections

(C) intramuscular injections

(D) intravenous injections

(E) subcutaneous injections

46. Which one of the following designations is most appropriate for a medical order requiring an intravenous bolus injection?

47. The quantities of all ingredients present in parenteral solutions must be specified on the label EXCEPT for

I. antimicrobial preservatives II. isotonicity adjustors III. pH adjustors

48. Which one of the following commonly available large-volume dextrose solutions for intravenous use is isotonic?

49. A suspension is NOT a suitable dosage form for

(A) intra-articular injections

(B) intradermal injections

(C) intramuscular injections

(D) intravenous injections

(E) subcutaneous injections

50. Which of the following injectables is (are) isotonic with human red blood cells?








i only


iii only


i and ii only


ii and iii only


I, n, and III

51. Even distribution of a drug into the blood after an IV bolus injection can be expected

(A) instantaneously

(B) within 4 minutes

(D) within 30 minutes

(E) only after a few hours

52. The usual expiration date that should be placed on a parenteral admixture prepared in a hospital pharmacy is

1 hour 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours 1 week

53. Which of the following types of injection routes should be limited to volumes of 1 mL or less?

I. intramuscular into gluteus maximus II. intramuscular into deltoid III. subcutaneous

54. The osmotic pressure of a 0.1 molar dextrose solution will be approximately how many times that of a 0.1 molar sodium chloride solution?

55. Parenteral solutions that are isotonic with human red blood cells have an osmolality of approximately how many mOsm/L?

56. An EM injection site suitable for a small child (< 3 years of age) is the

(A) gluteus maximus

(B) gluteus minimal

(C) gluteus ultima

(D) ventrogluteal

(E) vastus lateralis

57. A health worker will inject the smallest volume of drug solution when using which one of the following routes of administration?

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