(A) intravenous

(B) intramuscular

(C) intrathecal

(D) intradermal

(E) subcutaneous

Which one of the following parenteral solutions is considered to most closely approximate the extracellular fluid of the human body?

(A) dextrose 2M% and sodium chloride 0.45% injection

(B) lactated Ringer's injection

(C) Ringer's injection

(D) sodium chloride injection

(E) sodium lactate injection

The parenteral system known as "ADD-Vantage" is best described as being a

(A) disposable needle and syringe

(B) premixed minibag of drug solution

(C) two-compartment container

(D) vial attached to a minibag of diluent

(E) burette type of administration set

Which of the following parenteral routes of administration is (are) considered suitable for heparin sodium injection USP?

I. continuous IV infusion II. subcutaneous III. intramuscular

61. The IV fluid systems that use glass bottles may be divided into two types according to the

(A) presence or absence of a vacuum in the bottle

(B) presence or absence of an airway tube in the bottle

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