DIRECTIONS (Questions 1 through 65): Each of the numbered items or incomplete statements in this section is followed by answers or by completions of the statement. Select the ONE lettered answer or completion that is BEST in each case.

1. Micro, nano, atto, and mega are prefixes associated with which of the following measuring systems?

I. avoirdupois II. metric

III. Systeme International

2. One hundred (100) micrograms equals

I. 100,000 nanograms II. 0.1 milligrams in. 0.001 grams

(D) Hand ffl only

3. A patient's serum cholesterol value is reported as 4 mM/L. This concentration expressed in terms of mg/dL will be (mol. wt. cholesterol = 386)

4. What is the minimum amount of a potent drug that may be weighed on a prescription balance with a sensitivity requirement of 6 mg if at least 98% accuracy is required?

5. The upper therapeutic drug concentration for vancomycin is considered to be 40 (ig/mL. Express this value in terms of mg/dL.

6. Calculate the dose of a drug to be administered to a patient if the dosing regimen is listed as 2 mg/kg/day. The patient weighs 175 lb.

7. The adult dose of a drug is 250 mg. What would be the approximate dose for a 6-year-old child weighing 60 lb? (Use Young's Rule.)

Questions: 1-15 41

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