Flight results come in

The sea-urchin fertilisation experiment, designed to shed light on problems that could be associated with human reproduction on multi-generation space flights, did not go quite according to plan. The sea-urchin eggs somehow disintegrated during the flight, although those that had been fertilised prior to the flight continued to develop normally.

Much to the consternation of project scientists, the experiment in which Able would press a key in response to a blinking light proved fruitless. Officially, it was blamed on a transmission failure just prior to the launch which rendered the experiment useless, but it was also rumoured that the late replacement of the original candidate had resulted in the lesser-trained Able being too easily distracted from completing even this simple task.

Within hours of plucking the nose cone from the sea, the recovery ship had sailed into port at San Juan. The two monkeys, who appeared to be in fine spirits, were carried ashore and quickly flown to Washington, D.C., for a brief welcome-back "press conference".

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