The programmes guiding spirit

The proposed series of V-2 animal flights would require a much larger and heavier payload capsule. It was suspected, however, that the dual-parachute system recently used so successfully might not be able to cope with the massive forces of deceleration and stress associated with the heavier payload. Despite this they would try, and they would fail.

About this time Dr. James Henry came into the picture, soon becoming the guiding spirit behind an audacious programme of biological space research. Even though his laboratory would never enjoy the luxury of a research rocket to itself, he and his team would ultimately send living creatures into the upper atmosphere and return them from the very fringes of space.

Earlier in his career, as an assistant professor of aviation medicine at the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Henry's principal assignment had involved a study of blood action under heavy gravity weights. As a spare-time project while waiting for a centrifuge to be built at the university, he helped design a partial-pressure suit for emergency extreme altitude protection, which would later become standard issue for military pilots. For a time he would work on acceleration physics with USC's Human Centrifuge facility, before leaving the university to serve in the Air Force as an environmental physiologist. Because of his pioneering work with high-altitude protective clothing, he was appointed chief of the Acceleration Section at Wright Aero

Dr. James Henry (left) and an unidentified handler with two spaceflight candidates. (Photo: U.S. Army)

Medical Laboratory in Ohio, studying cardiovascular problems related to altitude and acceleration [3].

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