Extended limbic lobe

Other areas of the brain are now known to be involved in limbic functions and are included in the functional aspects of the limbic system. This includes large parts of the "prefrontal cortex," particularly cortical areas lying above the orbit, the orbitofrontal cortex (not labeled), as well as the cortex on the medial aspect of the frontal lobe (to be discussed with Figure 77B).

Corpus Fibers °f Cingulum callosum internal capsule bundle callosum bundle

Limbic Lobe

Anterior Parahippocampal Collateral

Fornix sulcus

Anterior Parahippocampal Collateral

Fornix cerebral artery gyrus sulcus

F = Frontal lobe P = Parietal lobe T = Temporal lobe O = Occipital lobe

FIGURE 70B: Limbic Lobe 2 — Cingulum Bundle (photograph)

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