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For the posterior view of the body fill in the terms and color the regions of the body. The anatomical names are given first with the common names in parentheses.

cephalic (head) nuchal (neck) scapular (shoulder blade) vertebral (backbone) lumbar (love handles) brachial (arm) olecranon (elbow) antebrachial (forearm) gluteal (buttocks) femoral (thigh) popliteal (back of knee) sural (calf) calcaneal (heel)

Answer Key: a.Cephalic (head), b. Nuchal (neck), c. Scapular (shoulder blade), d. Brachial (arm), e. Vertebral (backbone), f. Olecranon (elbow), g. Lumbar (love handles), h. Antebrachial (forearm), i. Gluteal (buttocks), j. Femoral (thigh), k. Popliteal (back of knee), I. Sural (calf), m. Calcaneal (heel)

Posterior Cephalic Head

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