There are three types of cartilage in connective tissue. The most common kind of cartilage is hyaline cartilage. It contains a semisolid matrix, collagenous fibers, and chondrocytes (cartilage cells). The end of the nose is pliable due to hyaline cartilage. Fibrocartilage is like hyaline cartilage, having the same components, but there are more collagenous fibers in fibrocartilage. It is found in areas where there is more stress, such as the joint between the bones of the thigh and leg. Elastic cartilage has a matrix, chondrocytes, and elastic fibers. These fibers make the cartilage more bendable than hyaline cartilage. Label and color the cells and fibers of cartilage and use a light color to shade the matrix such as a pale pink or blue.

Hyaline Cartilage Fibrocartilage

Answer Key: a. Matrix, b. Chondrocytes, c. Hyaline cartilage, d. Collagenous fibers, e. Fibrocartilage, f. Elastic fibers, g. Elastic cartilage

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  • Nadia Endrizzi
    What cell has elastic fibers?
    8 years ago
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    What is the name of the cells in the perichondriuem of hyaline cartilage?
    7 years ago
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    Is ther cartlidge in human spine?
    7 years ago

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