Coronal View Of The Nasal Conchae Amd Larynx

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The nasal cavity is more than a hole behind the nose. Inhaled air swirls around the conchae and is warmed and moistened in the process. Label and color the septal cartilage in a coronal section of the nose. Label and color each of the conchae. The superior nasal concha, middle nasal concha, and the inferior nasal concha should each have a different color. The frontal and ethmoid sinuses can also be seen in this illustration. They give resonance to the voice. Note the location of the hard palate and the external naris in this coronal section. The larynx is also sectioned in this plane and the position of the thyroid cartilage, the vocal fold, the cricoid cartilage, and the trachea are seen in this view. Label and color the rest of the structures in this illustration.

Middle Nasal Conchae

Answer Key: a. Sinuses, b. Superior nasal concha, c. Middle nasal concha, d. Septal cartilage, e. Inferior nasal concha, f. Hard palate, g. External naris, h. Thyroid cartilage, i. Vocal fold, j. Cricoid cartilage, k. Trachea

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