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Dermatomes are regions of the skin innervated by nerves. The nerves receive sensory inputs from the skin and take that information back to the spinal cord. The clinical importance of dermatomes is the role they play in assessing spinal cord damage. If there is a significant spinal cord injury, then the regions below the level of the injury may not transmit sensory signals to the brain. Lack of sensation in specific areas of the skin provides a base of understanding of where the trauma may be located. Color in the regions that are innervated by the cervical nerves with one color and choose separate colors for the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral innervation. Label the innervations of the dermatomes.

Spinal Cord Sensation

Answer Key: a. C2, b. C5, c. C6, d. C7, e. T1, f. T4, g.TIO, h. T12, i. C7, j. S5, k. LI, I. SI, m. L5

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