Functional Areas Of The Cerebrum

The cerebrum can be described not only physically but also in terms of the functional areas. The functions of language are many and have different areas of specialization. The motor speech area (Broca's area) is typically on the left side of the frontal lobe and it involves the formation of words. Coordination of the tongue and other parts of the vocal apparatus occur here. Wernicke's area is located in the parieto-temporal region and is involved in the syntax of speech. Wernicke's area allows for the formation of sentence structure while Broca's area is involved in the articulation of speech.

The primary motor cortex is located in the precentral gyrus and it determines what body muscles to move. The motor association area is just anterior to the primary motor cortex. The primary somatosensory cortex receives sensory information from the body and has a sensory association area just posterior to it. On the inferior part of the postcentral gyrus is the primary gustatory cortex. Here is where the sense of taste is interpreted.

The posterior part of the brain includes the visual association area. If this area is damaged, then sight can be impaired or lost completely. The angular gyrus is one of the areas associated with reading. The temporal lobe includes the primary auditory cortex and the auditory association area. Label these functional areas of the brain and color each one in a different color. You may want to use different shades of colors for related areas. For example, you may want to color the primary motor cortex with one shade of green and the related motor association area with another shade of green.

Color Motor Cortex Sensory Cortex

Answer Key: a. Motor association area, b. Primary motor cortex, c. Primary somatosensory cortex, d. Wernicke's area, e. Angular (reading) gyrus, f. Visual area, g. Visual association, h. Auditory cortex, i. Motor speech kaplan-. ■ a am

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