Headneck Veins

Superior Vena Cava Veins

The drainage of the head occurs by the jugular veins or the vertebral veins. Some of the blood coming from the brain travels down the superior sagittal sinus and through the large internal jugular veins.

These veins take blood down both sides of the neck and enter the brachiocephalic veins. The external portion of the head is drained by several veins. The facial vein and the maxillary vein take blood to the internal jugular vein while the superficial temporal vein and the posterior auricular vein take blood to the external jugular vein which then flows into the subclavian vein before reaching the brachiocephalic vein.

Internal And External Jugular Vein

Answer Key: a. Sagittal sinus, b. Superficial temporal v., c. Posterior auricular v., d. External jugular v., e. Vertebral v. (plexus), f. Subclavian v., g. Maxillary v., h. Facial v., i. Internal jugular v., j. Brachiocephalic v., k. Superior vena cava k a p l a n*h a a « « wm

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