Lateral Wall Of Nasal Cavity And Respiratory Epithelium

When looking at the nasal cavity, if the septal cartilage is removed you can see the nasal conchae. These structures force the inhaled air to come into contact with the wall of the nasal cavity where the air is warmed and moistened. There are three nasal conchae, the superior nasal concha, the middle nasal concha, and the inferior nasal concha. Note the position of the conchae with the nasal bone, the hard palate and the soft palate. Label the nasal cavity and the structures that are associated with the cavity.

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The nasal cavity is lined with respiratory epithelium which is pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with goblet cells.

Respiratory epithelium is found in the nasal cavity, the lower larynx, trachea, and bronchi. The goblet cells secrete mucus which forms a film over the epithelial surface. Dust and other particulate matter sticks to the mucous sheet which is moved by the cilia. This provides a protective function, removing particulate matter from entering the lungs where it might do damage. Label the various parts of respiratory epithelium such as the nucleus, cilia, mucous sheet, goblet cells, and basement membrane.

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Answer Key: a. Nasal bone, b. Superior nasal concha, c. Middle nasal concha, d. Inferior nasal concha, e. Hard palate, f. Soft palate, g. Mucous sheet, h. Cilia, i. Goblet cells, j. Nuclei, k. Basement membrane

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