Lower Limb Arteries

Blood in the lower limb comes from the branches of the iliac arteries. Blood in the common iliac artery flows into the internal iliac artery and into the external iliac artery. Once it passes by the inguinal ligament (a connective tissue band that stretches from the ilium to the pubis) the external iliac artery becomes the femoral artery. The femoral artery takes blood down the anterior thigh but there is a branch called the deep femoral artery that takes blood closer to the bone. The femoral artery moves posteriorly to become the popliteal artery and branches of the popliteal artery become the anterior and posterior tibial arteries and the peroneal (fibular) artery. The tibial arteries take blood to the dorsal arcuate artery, the dorsalis pedis artery, and the dorsal metatarsal arteries which take blood to the digital arteries. Label the lower limb arteries and color them in red.

Answer Key: a. Common iliac a., b. Internal iliac a., c. External iliac a., d. Femoral a., e. Deep femoral a., f. Popliteal a., g. Anterior tibial a., h. Posterior tibial a., i. Peroneal a., j. Dorsalis pedis a., k. Arcuate a., I. Dorsal metatarsal a.

Lower Limbs Label
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