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The sacral plexus has nerves that provide genital innervation and also has motor nerves to the posterior hip, thigh, and anterior and posterior leg. The pudendal nerve innervates the penis and scrotum in males, the clitoris, labia, and distal vagina in females, and the muscles of the pelvic floor in both sexes. The sacral plexus also has the superior and inferior gluteal nerves that innervate the gluteal muscles and the tibial nerve and the common fibular nerve. These last two nerves are grouped together as the sciatic nerve, a large nerve of the posterior thigh. The tibial nerve innervates the hamstring muscles, the muscles of the calf, and the muscles originating on the foot. The common fibular nerve innervates the short head of the biceps femoris muscle, the muscles on the lateral side of the leg and the anterior surface of the leg. Cutaneous branches innervate the skin and muscular branches take motor information to the muscles. Label these nerves and color them in.

Nerve roots:

Answer Key: a. L4, b. L5, c. S1, d. S2, e. S3, f. S4, g. S5, h. Coccygeal nerve, i. Superior gluteal nerve, j. Inferior gluteal nerve, k. Pudendal nerve, I. Common fibular nerve, m. Tibial nerve, n. Sciatic nerve, o. Cutaneous branches, p. Muscular branches

Tibial Nerve Roots

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