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The organs of the body are frequently found in body cavities. The body is divided into two main cavities, the dorsal body cavity and the ventral body cavity. The dorsal body cavity consists of the cranial cavity, which houses the brain and the spinal canal, which surrounds the spinal cord. The ventral body cavity contains the upper thoracic cavity, which is subdivided into the pleural cavities, housing the lungs, and the mediastinum. The mediastinum contains the heart in the pericardial cavity, the major vessels near the heart, nerves, and the esophagus. Below the thoracic cavity is the abdominopelvic cavity, which contains the upper abdominal cavity, housing the digestive organs, and the inferior pelvic cavity, which holds the uterus and rectum in females or just the rectum in males. Label the specific and major cavities of the body and color them with different colors.

Label Cavities The Body

Answer Key: a. Dorsal body cavity, b. Cranial cavity, c. Spinal canal, d. Ventral body cavity, e. Thoracic cavity, f. Mediastinum, g. Pericardial cavity, h. Pleural cavity, i. Abdominopelvic cavity, j. Abdominal cavity, k. Pelvic cavity

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