Frontal Lobe Sulci Gyri

From the superior aspect, the two cerebral hemispheres are divided by the longitudinal fissure. The frontal lobes are separated from the parietal lobe by the central sulcus. The precentral gyrus (primary motor cortex) and the postcentral gyrus (primary somatosensory cortex) are on either side of the central sulcus. The gyri are the raised areas of the cerebral cortex and the sulci are the shallow depressions of the cerebral cortex. Together, these compose the convolutions of the brain. Label and color the regions of the superior aspect of the brain.

Sulcus Gyrus Labeling

Answer Key: a. Frontal lobe, b. Longitudinal fissure, c. Precentral gyrus, d. Central sulcus, e. Postcentral gyrus, f. Parietal lobe, g. Gyri, h. Occipital lobe, i. Sulci

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