Bone Tissue Labeled

Bone is a connective tissue. The cells are the osteocytes and the fibers are collagenous fibers enclosed in a hard matrix of bone salts. You will not see the fibers in the illustration because they are covered by the dense matrix. Label and color the osteocytes and matrix of bone.

Blood is another kind of connective tissue. The matrix in blood is the plasma and the cells are erythrocytes (red blood cells) and leukocytes (white blood cells).

Platelets are small flat disks in the blood that aid in clotting.

Bone Connective Tissue Labeled Matrix Bone Tissue Labeled

Answer Key: a. Matrix, b. Osteocyte. c. Bone, d. Erythrocyte, e. Platelet, f. Leukocytes, g. Plasma, h. Blood

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  • tommi
    How do you label connective tissues?
    8 years ago
  • Murdo
    Does bone tissue have a matrix region?
    8 years ago

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