Mouth And Oral Cavity

The mouth is the entrance to the digestive system. It is bordered by the two labia or lips. Each labium has a labial frenulum (superior and inferior) that holds the lip to the gingiva. The gingiva (gums) have a surface tissue of stratified squamous epithelium which is the cell type that lines the entire oral cavity. The oral cavity encloses the teeth, and the tongue. It is bordered by the hard palate, the soft palate, the uvula, the cheek walls, the muscles and associated tissue that spans across the bodies of the mandible. The oral cavity leads to the oropharynx, which in turn leads to the esophagus.

The tongue is a large muscle in the oral cavity that pushes food to the posterior part of the oral cavity for swallowing and helps form speech. It is held to the floor of the oral cavity by the lingual frenulum.

Mandible Mental Frenum Anatomy

Answer Key: a. Superior labial frenulum, b. Gingiva, c. Hard palate, d. Soft palate, e. Uvula, f. Oropharynx, g. Tongue , h. Inferior labial frenulum, i. Esophagus

Labial Frenum Attachment

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