Turns The Eye Inferiorly

The lateral and superior views of the eye show the major muscles controlling the eye. The lateral rectus is the muscle that lets you see towards the side. The medial rectus turns the eye toward the midline. The superior rectus makes you look up while the inferior rectus makes you look down. The superior oblique turns the eye inferiorly and laterally while the inferior oblique makes the eye turn superiorly and laterally. The levator palpebrae superioris elevates the eyelid. Label and color the muscles of the eye and the optic nerve where it exits the tendinous ring.

Eyelid Levator MuscleLateral Rectus

Answer Key: a. Lateral rectus, b. Superior rectus, c. Levator palpebrae superioris, d. Superior oblique, e. Inferior oblique, f. Inferior rectus, g. Optic nerve, h. Medial rectus

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    What muscle and nerve turns the eye inferiorly?
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